Patent Number    Patent Title
6,305,180 Cooling system for use in cooling electronic equipment
6,285,716 Video compression
6,269,165 Method and apparatus for reduction of unwanted feedback
6,233,018 Video signal processing
6,226,615 Spoken text display for use in generating television signals
6,208,759 Switching between bit-rate reduced signals
6,151,363 Video image processing
6,011,596 Video image motion compensation using an algorithm involving at least two fields
6,005,639 Vector assignment for video image motion compensation
5,978,047 Blemish concealment in video signals
5,956,091 Method of showing 16:9 pictures on 4:3 displays
5,953,079 Machine method for compensating for non-linear picture transformations, e.g. zoom and pan, in a video image motion compensation system
5,940,145 Method and apparatus for motion compensated image processing using two separate motion measurement techniques
5,856,847 High definition television coder/decoder where synchronization is achieved via the addition of absolute time reference signals at the coder
5,838,734 Compensation for local oscillator errors in an OFDM receiver
5,812,206 Broadcast receiver system
5,784,418 Dual band digital broadcast receiver
5,689,302 Higher definition video signals from lower definition sources
5,640,210 High definition television coder/decoder which divides an HDTV signal into stripes for individual processing
5,633,956 Video image processing
5,610,908 Digital signal transmission system using frequency division multiplex
5,561,463 Video signal coding using sub-band coding and phase-segregated coding techniques
5,555,305 Method for secure transmission of video signals
5,534,820 Compensating for non-linear effects in signal processing with active devices
5,502,482 Derivation of studio camera position and motion from the camera image
5,495,294 Synchronising signal generator
5,471,651 Method for compressing the dynamic range of audio signals
5,469,207 Method of labelling a broadcast signal including transmitting a sequence of program labels
5,457,497 Method for video signal bandwidth reduction with high quality compatible signal
5,434,627 Codec for weston clean pal television system
5,426,465 Television systems
5,333,014 Non-sharp cut filters for assembling and splitting in Weston Clean PAL
5,325,199 Field-rate upconversion of television signals
5,283,787 Synchronization of digital audio signals
5,239,681 RDS radio system
5,150,206 Video display system using an improved color signal technique
5,134,632 Decoding binary-coded transmissions
5,075,773 Data transmission in active picture period
5,053,857 Television signals
5,012,256 Array antenna
5,010,392 Method for receiving high definition television signals
4,942,466 Bandwidth compression for television signals
4,937,574 Data conversion
4,905,278 Scrambling of analogue electrical signals
4,905,081 Method for transmitting and receiving 3D video pictures
4,903,125 Method and apparatus for conveying information signals
4,897,716 Method and apparatus for adaptively displaying video signals
4,890,160 TV picture motion vector measurement by correlation of pictures
4,885,579 Device for remote control of a videorecorder or videoreceiver
4,884,138 Video transmission systems
4,873,573 Video signal processing for bandwidth reduction
4,864,405 CRT video display device with automatically adjustable scanning amplitude
4,862,264 Method of coding a video signal for transmission in a restricted bandwidth
4,847,676 Color television system
4,843,468 Scanning techniques using hierarchical set of curves
4,820,996 Amplifying arrangements
4,789,893 Interpolating lines of video signals
4,733,192 Amplifying arrangements including a klystron having a power transfer characteristic which is substantially the same over its entire passband
4,680,638 Concealment of defects in a video signal
4,638,351 Adaptive filter for use in color video signal processing
4,630,120 Telecine machines
4,589,109 Multiplexed digital data transmission
4,543,598 Color television systems
4,470,109 Real-time data sampling with memory sharing by high speed I/O processor and cycle stealing support processor
4,460,925 Method and apparatus for deriving a PAL color television signal corresponding to any desired field in an 8-field PAL sequence from one stored field or picture of a PAL signal
4,364,087 Movement detector for television signals
4,349,833 Apparatus for digital demodulation or modulation of television chrominance signals
4,345,268 Processing circuit for color television signals
4,337,485 Broadcast teletext system
4,335,395 Standards conversion of color television signals
4,329,684 Apparatus using a light sensing system for sensing time modulated information from a light emitting device
4,322,750 Television display system
4,322,749 Signal generator for television testing
4,322,739 Processing of NTSC color television signals
4,306,249 Digital signal processing method and apparatus
4,298,981 Decoding shortened cyclic block codes
4,296,434 Method for movement portrayal with a raster display
4,291,331 Digital processing of NTSC color television signals
4,288,810 Method of and apparatus for deriving a PAL color television signal corresponding to any desired field in an 8-field PAL sequence from one stored field or picture of a PAL signal
4,283,787 Cyclic redundancy data check encoding method and apparatus
4,277,838 Data receiving apparatus
4,276,565 Method for standards conversion of television signals
4,249,210 Video noise reduction system
4,249,209 Video noise reduction system
4,223,341 Circuitry providing a delayed color television signal having luminance and chrominance components derived from adjacent lines
4,194,219 Noise reduction in electrical signals
3,969,716 Generation of dot matrix characters on a television display
3,967,269 Analogue to digital converters
3,967,268 Data display systems
D381,335 Loudspeaker