COMPANIES - ADOBE (partial list)

Patent Number    Patent Title
6,442,576 Searching for documents with multiple element types
6,415,278 Retrieving documents transitively linked to initial document
6,456,297 Multipole brushing
6,456,295 Method for simulating diffusion on a raster
6,441,919 Integrated rendering and compositing in variable printing
6,434,269 Smart erasure brush
6,424,430 Rendering of objects on graphical devices as clipped images
6,421,460 Blending colors in the presence of transparency
6,421,049 Parameter selection for approximate solutions to photogrammetric problems in interactive applications
6,411,742 Merging images to form a panoramic image
6,411,730 Histogram for generating a palette of colors
6,411,396 Imposition in a raster image processor
6,408,092 Handwritten input in a restricted area
6,397,384 Run-time addition of interfaces
6,396,959 Compound transfer modes for image blending
6,385,350 Method for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
6,377,712 Iteratively building displacement maps for image warping
6,377,261 Compiling glyphs into instructions for imaging for execution on a general purpose computer
6,366,695 Method for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
6,366,361 Peeker detection and correction
6,357,038 Cross platform and cross operating system macros
6,351,741 Method of locating a file linked to a document in a relocated document directory structure
6,351,269 Multiple image morphing
6,337,925 Method for determining a border in a complex scene with applications to image masking
6,333,749 Method for image assisted modeling of three-dimensional scenes
6,313,847 Blending graphics objects in a frame buffer
6,313,840 Smooth shading of objects on display devices
6,313,824 Image preview system
6,310,622 Automatic graphical pattern placement and adjustment
6,304,677 Smoothing and fitting point sequences
6,298,357 Structure extraction on electronic documents
6,298,157 Locating and aligning embedded images
6,292,809 Selecting cells in a table having individual cells and joined cells
6,289,364 Transparency processing in a page description language
6,285,794 Compression and editing of movies by multi-image morphing
6,281,904 Multi-source texture reconstruction and fusion
6,271,861 Smooth shading of an object
6,271,859 Recoloring art work
6,269,196 Image blending with interpolated transfer modes including a normal transfer mode
6,268,846 3D graphics based on images and morphing
6,266,684 Creating and saving multi-frame web pages
6,262,806 Page description language conversion using sidelining
6,262,745 Digital halftoning using prioritized textures
6,256,048 Two-dimensional virtual camera
6,252,671 System for downloading fonts
6,249,794 Providing descriptions of documents through document description files
6,246,411 Drag operation gesture controller
6,233,591 Dropping hyperlink onto document object
6,230,174 Method of generating a markup language document containing image slices
6,219,028 Removing a cursor from over new content
6,213,653 Method and apparatus for efficiently interpolating an image using an expansion factor derived from two different numbers of gray levels
6,208,355 Sketch-based editing of curves
6,208,351 Conversion of alpha-multiplied color data
6,204,858 System for adjusting color data of pixels in a digital image
6,201,924 Disk-assisted editing for recorded video material
6,185,342 Adjustment layers for composited image manipulation
6,177,933 Providing visual continuity when displaying related information
6,175,844 Ordering groups of text in an image
6,151,576 Mixing digitized speech and text using reliability indices
6,148,102 Recognizing text in a multicolor image
6,147,689 Displaying 2D patches with foldover
6,144,974 Automated layout of content in a page framework
6,125,200 Removing non-text information from a color image
6,124,858 Raster image mapping
6,115,051 Arc-length reparameterization
6,111,588 Creating and modifying curves on a computer display
6,100,904 Curvature smoothing
6,097,503 Bi-level to contone data conversion
6,084,597 Method for concatenated rendering of digital images
6,073,148 Displaying electronic documents with substitute fonts
6,072,502 Characterization of corners of curvilinear segment
6,067,094 Brushstroke envelopes
6,065,021 Alignment of graphical elements in electronic document
6,061,059 Providing a preview of a graphical user interface dialog
6,057,935 Producing an enhanced raster image
6,057,844 Drag operation gesture controller
6,049,339 Blending with planar maps
6,046,818 Imposition in a raster image processor
6,031,544 Vector map planarization and trapping
6,028,583 Compound layers for composited image manipulation
6,023,264 Method to estimate the white point on a display device
6,020,897 Dehalftoning of digital images
5,999,173 Method for video editing with video clip representations displayed along a time line
5,995,101 Multi-level tool tip
5,995,086 Method of generating multiple-master typefaces
5,991,515 Method for compressing and decompressing data prior to display
5,974,198 Adjustment layers for composited image manipulation
5,949,435 Digital type font providing typographic feature transformation capability
5,943,063 Method and apparatus for rendering characters
5,937,420 Pointsize-variable character spacing
5,937,144 Rasterized proxy of a vector image
5,930,813 Method and system for designating objects
5,930,396 Method and apparatus for generating halftone output
5,929,867 Floating keyframes
5,929,866 Adjusting contrast in anti-aliasing
5,919,249 Multiplexed output movie rendering
5,917,549 Transforming images with different pixel aspect ratios
5,913,018 Print band rendering system
5,905,506 Shared tile image representations
5,898,820 Device for injecting high energy laser beam into optical fiber
5,886,710 Defining a time-variable property in digital compositions
5,872,564 Controlling time in digital compositions
5,870,091 Combining palettes on a computer display
5,860,074 Method for displaying electronic document with text over object
5,835,634 Bitmap comparison method using an outline mask and differently weighted bits
5,832,531 Identifying words described in a page description language file
5,832,530 Identifying words described in a portable electronic document
5,831,632 Automatic graphical pattern placement
5,822,503 Method of manipulating color EPS files
5,819,301 Method for reading multi-page electronic documents
5,819,278 Maintaining invalidation information in tiled image representations
5,812,140 Efficient gray tile storage
5,808,623 Method for perspective transform using multi-pass algorithm
5,745,666 Resolution-independent method for displaying a three-dimensional model in two-dimensional display space
5,737,452 Method of generating a threshold array
5,724,498 Method for concealing character modifications made for text composition purposes
5,638,503 Generating bitmaps from outlines containing bezier curves
5,625,716 Method for compensating for transfer characteristics of a printing system in a halftone screening process
5,625,711 Method for producing a hybrid data structure for displaying a raster image
5,602,976 Method and apparatus for saving printer memory
5,579,030 Method and apparatus for display of text on screens
5,577,189 Method of establishing constraints between graphical elements
5,577,170 Generation of typefaces on high resolution output devices
5,544,291 Resolution-independent method for displaying a three dimensional model in two-dimensional display space
5,515,110 Computer generated video wipe effects
5,305,118 Methods of controlling dot size in digital halftoning with multi-cell threshold arrays
5,303,334 System for generating a rasterized graphic image
5,301,267 Intelligent font rendering co-processor
5,285,291 Methods of assigning pixels to cells of a halftone grid
5,255,357 Method for editing character bit maps at small sizes using connected runs
5,249,242 Method for enhancing raster pixel data
5,235,435 Method of producing halftone images
5,185,818 Method of substituting fonts and displaying characters
5,146,346 Method for displaying and printing multitone images derived from grayscale images
5,050,103 Method for displaying kanji characters
4,837,613 Method of color selection for display and printing
D454,582 Type font
D454,152 Type font
D446,240 Type font
D429,274 Type font
D426,570 Type font
D424,607 Type font
D420,041 Type font
D419,590 Type font
D419,589 Type font
D415,518 Type font
D413,620 Type font
D412,152 Type font
D410,025 Type font
D407,431 Type font
D407,108 Type font
D407,107 Type font
D407,106 Type font
D407,105 Type font
D407,104 Type font
D405,106 Type font
D402,685 Type font
D400,913 Type font
D400,569 Type font
D399,248 Type font
D371,799 Type font
D338,907 Type font
D337,604 Type font
D327,903 Type font
D327,902 Type font
D324,063 Type font
D318,290 Type font
D317,621 Type font
D317,323 Type font