Patent Number    Patent Title
6,501,010 Reed and mouthpiece assembly
6,054,644 Interchangeable bore clarinet barrel system
6,020,545 Ligature for the mouthpiece of a woodwind musical instrument
5,864,076 Clarinet barrel
5,728,957 Clarinet ligature and mouthpiece grasping ring
5,664,758 Extendable monopod strut device for musical instrument
5,578,776 Clarinet mouthpiece grasping rig
5,553,529 Thumbrest ring adapter for musical instrument
5,477,766 Boehm system clarinet having improved a key mechanism
5,440,962 Clarinet ligature and grasping ring
5,303,628 Mouthpiece for a clarinet and a saxophone
5,241,793 Apparatus for abrading a reed for a musical instrument
5,192,821 Mouthpiece for a single-reed woodwind instrument
5,105,701 Clarinet mouthpiece
5,050,827 Floor support for clarinet, soprano saxophone, oboe and English horn
5,027,685 Woodwind instrument
4,848,206 Key mechanism for a bass range clarinet
4,841,829 Device for supporting the weight of a clarinet
4,809,583 Device for adjusting reed of clarinet or the like
4,809,580 Key mechanism for a bass clarinet
4,798,122 Wind instrument and process of making same
4,793,235 Key mechanism for a clarinet
4,754,682 Clarinet tuning barrel
4,723,470 Coupling unit for a woodwind
4,695,022 Clarinet stand
4,651,616 Mouthpiece for wind instrument with single reed
4,430,920 Clarinet bore having varying diameters
4,348,935 Thumb rest for woodwind musical instruments
4,285,263 Wind-instrument fingering guide
4,258,605 Clarinet barrel with removable throat
4,245,543 Clarinet with varying diameter of its longitudinal bore
4,187,947 Combination musical instrument stand
4,185,535 Reed-holding device
4,099,442 Corrective device for clarinets
4,083,287 Wind instrument
4,069,734 Moisture trap for clarinets
4,041,827 Tone enhancing device for reed type musical instruments
3,941,026 Clarinet key mechanism
3,844,193 Clarinet
3,791,253 Clarinet mouthpiece with improved ligature
3,748,946 Woodwind tenon ring and method
3,747,460 Clarinet
3,739,420 Device for swabbing the bore of a musical instrument
3,387,528 Key mechanism for clarinet
3,379,086 Key mechanism for clarinet
3,357,666 Clarinet stands
3,264,925 Musical instruments of the oboe, bassoon and clarinet types
3,238,833 Clarinet
3,204,512 Clarinet
3,203,298 Combination clarinet and reed holder
3,192,817 Clarinet positioner
3,150,553 Clarinet
3,079,828 Clarinet
3,035,473 Clarinet
2,951,284 Clarinet tenon repair tool and method of repairing clarinets
2,887,001 Clarinet key arrangement
2,867,146 Clarinet
2,833,175 Alto clarinet
2,832,249 Clarinet system
2,821,102 Clarinet neck attachment
2,789,455 Clarinet and like wind instrument
2,759,386 Clarinet key pad
2,674,148 Clarinet
2,649,829 Bass clarinet
2,537,149 Clarinet swab
2,506,489 Clarinet
2,390,275 Clarinet attachment
2,386,576 Music holder for clarinet and band instruments
2,332,083 Clarinet
2,301,184 Electrical clarinet
2,214,089 Clarinet pad control
2,208,838 Clarinet
2,205,695 Clarinet key
2,183,423 Boehm system clarinet
2,182,198 Boehm system clarinet
2,171,624 Clarinet
2,164,110 Clarinet
2,033,772 Clarinet
1,845,880 Clarinet
1,837,823 Clarinet
1,827,069 Clarinet construction
1,809,380 Clarinet and the method of manufacture thereof
1,805,929 Clarinet
1,805,449 Clarinet
1,771,157 Clarinet mouthpiece
1,748,077 Saxophone, clarinet, or other wind instrument
1,705,634 Clarinet
1,611,382 Clarinet
1,604,969 Clarinet
1,594,107 Clarinet
1,585,594 Clarinet
1,575,621 Ligature for clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces
1,546,153 Clarinet
1,539,042 Clarinet music lyre
1,506,364 Reed for saxophone or clarinet mouthpieces
1,506,363 Clarinet and saxophone mouthpiece
1,467,524 Saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece
1,424,253 Clarinet
1,416,898 Clarinet barrel
1,342,136 Clarinet-holder
D367074 Clarinet ligature
D278540 Clarinet thumb rest
D277967 Clarinet ligature
AT391955B Woodwind instrument, in particular clarinet
AU1412399 Interchangeable bore clarinet barrel system
CA2159014 Clarinet ligature and grasping ring
CA1081507 Moisture trap for clarinets
CA1042241 Wind instrument
CS277619 Clarinet and saxophone reed
CS9000928 Clarinet and saxophone slice
CS9000927 Method of clarinet and saxophone slices production
DE19953574 Tone improvement for clarinet with German system affecting C sharp over B trill production involves operation of B stem valve with C valve
DE19742877 Deep e control for clarinet
DE19709825 Scale depth and intonation improvement device for german system clarinet
DE19521261 Tuning correction on clarinets
DE4424184 Clarinet mouthpiece with outer cone and inner passage
DE4322009 Holding or carrying device (strap) for saxophone, and also alto to double-bass clarinet
DE4300584 Playing mechanics for octave-blowing woodwind instrument - has given notes referring to tone values transposed to c.from the basic key of t
DE4113871 Thumb stop for clarinet - can be adjusted in both longitudinal and transverse directions
DE4008452 Wind-instrument sound hole seal - comprises support convex towards hole with groove for sealing ring
DE4008451 Musical instrument component clip - consists of closed ring being particularly for reed of clarinet
DE3938137 Clarinet with over-blow valve - has corrections valve opening with over-blow valve shut and vice-versa
DE3936599 Key mechanism for clarinet - has two positions only for each finger
DE3928449 Saxophone or clarinet mouthpiece - has narrow transverse rib forming aperture end towards connecting portion
DE3821160 Clarinet with a flap mechanism for the trill flaps in the upper piece of the clarinet
DE3804696 Arrangement for tight closing of the soundhole of a wind instrument, such as clarinet, saxophone, oboe or the like
DE3719995 Support strap for a musical instrument, such as a saxophone, clarinet or the like
DE3526290 Leaf spring for influencing the vibrations of saxophone and clarinet reeds
DE3436695 Clarinet and side-blown flute marching fork holder
DE3428742 Clarinet with varying diameters or volumes of the various sections of the barrel
EP0837450 Ligature for the mouthpiece of a wind instrument with a reed
EP0774151 Clarinet barrel
EP0509963 Calculation and construction method of reed profile, pipe and mouth piece for clarinet and saxophone
EP0309335 Clarinet
EP0031169 Clarinet with different cross-sections or sizes of the various parts of the longitudinal bore
FR2827068 Mounting strap for mouthpiece of woodwind musical instrument
FR2752476 Binding for reed of wind musical instrument
FR2735961 Display stand for string or wind musical instrument
FR2722904 Metal or plastics tone modification insert for clarinet mouthpiece
FR2718271 Woodwind musical instrument for prodn. of e.g. oboe or clarinet
FR2698445 Instrument for measuring pressure applied to wind instruments - uses manometer connected to internal or external pressure take-off on mouth
FR2684223 Detachable helper key for clarinet
FR2680033 Rest for helping to support a musical instrument while it is being used
FR2676574 Closure/opening coupling device for the low C sharp hole for a clarinet, with right-hand ring
FR2660099 Improvement to wind instruments
FR2659475 Musical (wind) instrument - AB clarinet
FR2651910 Stand for a musical instrument
FR2649236 Tie for fastening the reed on a musical wind instrument of the woodwind, saxophone and clarinet type
FR2648606 Musical wind instrument and extension with hole facilitating emission
FR2629620 Device for helping to hold a clarinet when using this instrument
FR2626400 Composite reeds
FR2618589 Thin-walled clarinet
FR2613521 Musical wind instrument with ligature
FR2609568 Clarinet with added rod
FR2600194 Part for modifying the characteristics, in particular the volume, of the sound emitted by wind instruments comprising a reed, and mouthpiec
FR2584222 Clarinet equipped with a resonance flap for adjusting the low F
FR2545963 Automatic mechanism for clarinet
FR2542482 Novel mouthpiece for a wind instrument with a single reed
GB667410 An aid to the human embouchure for clarinet and saxophone players
GB2202074 A musical instrument
GB2200236 Clarinet
GB2030752 Improvements in or relating to clarinets
GB1587599 Clarinet
IL86575 Clarinet
IT1244404 Long life sponge pads in neoprene for clarinet in B-flat, A, E-flat or C
JP2002062868 Barrel of clarinet
JP2000089751 Playing adapter for saxophone and clarinet
JP11259064 Tightening tool for mouthpiece of clarinet or saxophone
JP10254433 Five-hold bamboo clarinet made by using unbalanced concaved surface type stem
JP10149158 Method for reducing load placed on right-hand thumb in playing soprano saxophone, clarinet, oboe, or the like, and protector
JP8085104 Method for dyeing five-hold bamboo clarinet
JP63101899 Key mechanism for bass clarinet
JP1158491 Clarinet
JP9044146 Bamboo clarinet
JP1040993 Clarinet
JP56094396 Clarinet having long holes with different diameters and volumes
JP53076820 Method of making five-holed bamboo clarinet
JP55046790 Device used for clarinet
JP59212894 Automatic mechanism for clarinet
JP1255894 Mouthpiece for clarinet
JP63223789 Key mechanism for bass clarinet
JP53129020 Clarinet with longitudinal holes different in diameter
JP57130091 Manufacture of shakuhachi clarinet
JP63189898 Clarinet
KR123467Y Improved clarinet structure
KR8802180Y Taekum (a kind of clarinet)
SI9700113 Device for simulating orchestral music