Patent Number    Patent Title
6,379,454 Finishing mortar for sound-absorbing coating of inner walls, ceilings and the like in buildings
6,309,491 Method of making decorative pottery
6,251,814 Light-weight pottery article
6,187,429 Decorative ceramic color layers applied to glass or glass ceramic substrates
6,066,363 Method for forming a coating of glass over a ceramic
5,895,897 Light-weight ceramic acoustic absorber and method of manufacturing
5,868,993 Process for applying color to clay
5,732,656 Decorative waterfall for aquariums
5,698,287 Medallion with decorated substrate carried thereon
5,456,956 Garden ornament with weighted base and stability enhancer
5,303,669 Tiles for pedestrian platforms and walkways
5,262,363 Overglaze colors for pottery
5,242,638 Manufacturing pottery provided with flowing patterns or spreading patterns
5,230,909 Apparatus for forming miniature pottery
5,176,961 Colored, textured glass-ceramic articles
5,047,194 Method of making a pottery bowl with integral catch tray
4,954,460 Water-permeable ceramic material
4,666,756 Printed transfer paper for decorating pottery
4,528,227 Mosaic style artwork
4,495,230 Needlework art form
4,457,103 Decorative pottery
4,320,078 Process for making marbleized gypsum pottery
4,303,703 Method of making an improved natural-textured ceiling tile
4,180,537 Method of making ceramic, sound-producing, ornamental article
4,174,250 Apparatus for sublimation imprinting tiles
4,137,288 Apparatus for producing ceramic plates with ornamental shapes
4,076,875 Ornamental design
4,055,533 Pottery-like coating composition
4,054,548 Pottery-like mending composition
3,992,139 Support assembly for supporting pottery articles
3,976,417 Apparatus for producing ceramic plates with ornamental shapes
3,935,356 Fanciful object
D444,533 Pottery fountain spitter