Patent Number    Patent Title
6,418,635 Page maker template
6,341,801 Generating text in which the word sequence is reversed in alternating lines of text
6,279,956 Money saving book
6,276,724 Advertising brochure and method for it use
6,273,471 Book structure
6,257,622 Cloth bookcover
6,253,922 Carpet sample book
6,247,730 Book
6,247,729 Book with storage for manipulatives
6,234,534 Book with a sliding toy
6,224,106 Book with nested sculpted forms
6,210,248 Book useable with a game piece, such as a book with an internal passageway
6,210,172 Do-it-yourself storytelling book
6,206,699 Activity book with extrudable illustration feature
6,206,427 Book
6,192,608 Pop-up advertising piece
6,142,530 Children's book having pictures with integrated photographs
6,129,346 Method for forming a brochure attached to a periodical
6,126,202 Book publishing kit for children
6,095,565 Book and pocket assembly for books
6,095,818 Wheel puzzle game book
6,082,773 Product/service contractual proposal booklet
6,082,773 Product/service contractual proposal booklet
6,070,909 Book constructed of foam
6,056,492 Book having a removable bookmark and method of making
6,050,824 Representations of letters of an alphabet
6,048,114 Method of printing on the edge of a book
6,021,412 Method for adding graphics to a document to illustrate concepts referred to therein
6,016,907 Cover or insert for a periodical
5,913,541 Front cover of a diary or notebook
5,472,364 Toy reversible between puppet and book forms
5,463,725 Graphical user interface which emulates printed material
5,143,362 Publication personalization
4,608,024 Book with puppet
4,508,515 Book with puppet
4,372,077 Combined book, flannelboard and hand puppet
1,517,639 Animated book where book pages are painted theatrical gauze
CA2091966 Combined poster and catalog construction
KR172106Y Sketch book
KR168137Y Sketch book
KR8703468Y Sketch book
KR9608389Y Sketch book cover
KR9500369 Illustrated book