Patent Number    Patent Title
6,448,353 Continuous process for producing controlled architecture materials
6,447,080 Freestanding furniture defining office with adjustable footprint
6,446,693 Headrail and control system for powered coverings for architectural openings
6,446,399 Pre-fabricated curved-profile architectural element
6,442,912 Method for retrofitting a surface of a house or building
6,418,696 Apparatus for architectural unit construction
6,418,673 Synetic structural forms and systems comprising same
6,404,424 Constructing architectural models including scaled surface textures
6,395,408 Decorative laminate incorporating photoluminescent material
6,385,922 Solar light receiving and side emitting system
6,384,132 Environmentally friendly aqueous architectural coating compositions
6,381,070 Method and apparatus for lighting
6,379,454 Finishing mortar for sound-absorbing coating of inner walls, ceilings and the like in buildings
6,371,193 Contoured rigid vane for architectural covering
6,351,914 Light-transmitting building construction element
6,348,268 Laminated architectural product with moisture barrier
6,343,264 Color selection method for floor, wall, and window coverings
6,343,184 Controlled environment photo studio
6,342,014 Educational and amusement center
6,330,900 Holder for a depending architectural covering
6,328,090 Framed covering for architectural opening
6,325,132 Pantograph and control system for a vertical vane covering for architectural openings
6,319,572 Curved decorative structural member
6,311,756 Mounting system for coverings for architectural openings
6,309,503 Flat skinned door that simulates a three dimensional molded skin door and corresponding method
6,303,195 Ornamental support
6,302,365 Apparatus for supporting ornamental article relative to an object
6,301,848 Garage floor covering with front and side panels
6,279,820 Cardboard pack for display stand
6,270,123 Color selection and identification guides for architectural surface coatings
6,224,815 Process for producing masonry block with roughened surface
6,223,917 Profile arrangement for building exhibition or shop systems
6,221,462 Multi-colored pattern floor covering
6,209,848 Mold for producing masonry block with roughened surface
6,205,734 Shingle
6,173,906 Landscaping structure system
6,149,352 Retaining wall block system
6,148,573 Non coatable drywall finishing system
6,138,983 Mold for producing masonry block with roughened surface
6,123,169 Pre-engineered vertical wall structure constructed entirely or prefabricated wood
6,113,379 Process for producing masonry block with roughened surface
6,112,852 Acoustical treatments with diffusive and absorptive properties and process of design
6,095,669 Recessed lighting fixture for sloped ceilings and baffle received therein
6,095,089 Multiple nesting structure for cliff swallows
6,092,345 Method of making a shingle
6,076,938 Hinged hanging simulated icicle frame
6,074,268 Space accessories
6,062,704 Direct/indirect recessed wall sconce
6,059,269 Modular stairway and balcony railing system
6,041,533 Advertising step systems
6,026,624 Building siding panels
6,025,052 Synthetic building member
6,012,504 Visual privacy system for open plan furniture arrangements
5,996,575 Low cost prefabricated fireplace with fiber insulation firebox
5,987,217 Robotic furniture texturing
5,918,417 Arched window shutter
5,826,970 Light transmissive trim plate for recessed lighting fixture
5,816,016 Method of installing acoustical panels in an arena
5,812,674 Method to simulate the acoustical quality of a room and associated audio-digital processor
5,806,260 Restaurant and hotel combination
5,801,342 Double-walled structure and method for producing the same
5,787,656 Acoustical seating risers for indoor arenas
5,776,560 Units for building ornamental article
5,775,033 Building structure comprising a combined enclosed restaurant and amusement area having a viewing pane therebetween
5,666,778 System for constructing a building
5,623,130 System for enhancing room acoustics
5,622,019 Simulated glass-block structure
5,603,189 Combined dwelling, marine habitat, and educational building complex
5,572,847 Rapidly erectable, removable, reusable and raisable outdoor acoustical wall system
5,502,941 Method and apparatus for producing ornamental concrete surface
5,502,931 Building element and method of manufacturing such element
5,422,170 Wood based panels
5,390,456 Decorative suspended ceiling
5,338,131 Arrangement for shoreline construction, maintenance and protection
5,192,342 Enhancing the environmental quality of work spaces
5,105,868 Sliding-door security screen
5,096,273 Apparatus for storing and displaying simulated furniture
4,926,606 Ornamental ceiling system
4,769,191 Monolithic surface ornamentation of pre-cast reinforced concrete wall
4,747,246 Suspended ceiling structure
4,741,137 Brick facing system
4,724,645 Orientable architectural structure
4,722,158 System of individual modules which can be fitted together to form decorative or artistic panels
4,721,634 Simulated marble
4,569,577 Photographic animation transfer process
4,598,504 Wall display structure
4,495,739 Bevelled glass window
4,443,989 Dance floor construction
4,422,813 Wall expansion device with anchoring socket
4,386,136 Roof coating composition and construction
4,384,436 Combination hurricane shutter and security grill
4,346,541 Building panel construction and panel assemblies using same
4,304,447 Wall cabinet for concealed storage
4,281,498 Suspended woodbeam ceiling
4,164,598 Veneer wall covering and method of assembly
4,147,491 Apparatus for forming simulated old brick
4,112,195 Laminable convertible molding for hand rails and the like
4,074,793 Restaurant dining system
4,047,347 Wall or ceiling panel construction
3,992,824 Two level shopping mall
3,934,382 Modular sound-absorbing screens
2,169,657 Luminous or fluorescent floor covering
2,136,841 Antipanic theater with rows of chairs that can slide outside through doors
1,854,542 Auditorium designed mathematically
CN1349025 Rotary residential building with roof garden and relief sculpture
CN1316342 Method for making models of pseudo-classic architecture
CN1279323 Construction method of 3D architecture system for house building
CN1272576 Method for building Chinese-Western classic style buildings byvadopting cement-pouring process in mould
CN1257149 Integral foundation underpinning technology for building added floor
CN1122746 Method for construction of immitation building with complex model curved subject
CN1081739 Easy-to-live dwelling house with multi-levels and large rooms and without internal partition wall
CN1073673 Glazed coloured brick and tile
CN1071990 Vegetation building as woods villa with green-covered balcony and roof pool scenic spot
CN1067944 Multi-storied building architecture
CN86103685 Flower bed greenhouse on water served as dining hall dancing hall and living room
DE19652149 Method for production of living and business buildings
DE19623049 Element system for house and building construction
DE3738232 Device for designing facades of commercial buildings
DE3114590 Set of structural elements for constructing platforms, stage floors, dance floors or the like
EPO814216 A fabricated composite structure for forming a pitched roof
FR2688817 Biomagnetic house
FR2610963 Modular construction elements for curved architecture
FR2575508 Structure, architectural and technical details of a residence with reinforced insulation
FR2540159 Method for constructing detached houses with the facades having a linear raised structure and architecture
GB2343636 Model engineering building system
GB2066321 Building tile exhibiting antique pattern
JP2000259105 Neon lighting system in building
JP60244427 Forming method of metallic spandrel for architecture for building
JP7299176 Box for dancing and built up floor for dancing
JP7026567 Underground beam footing construction method for house architecture
RU2039721 Composition for manufacture of architecture building products
TW394808 Method of processing the crevices on the surface of a building