Patent Number    Patent Title
6,439,129 Launching system for passenger units in equipments for amusement parks, such as roller-coasters
6,396,537 Photographic system for enabling interactive communication between a camera and an attraction site
6,328,658 Amusement ride
6,327,979 Amusement ride with track
6,319,139 Water park play apparatus
6,315,674 Amusement ride for vertical movement of passengers
6,301,845 Amusement and virtual reality ride
6,296,101 Token management system for amusement arcade
6,287,211 Installation for amusement park
6,269,749 Cantilevered roller coaster system
6,264,201 Water balloon game
6,261,186 Water amusement system and method
6,254,489 Amusement attraction with man-made tornado
6,244,968 Elevated wooden racetrack for go-karts and associated methods
6,237,499 Watercraft amusement ride
6,229,904 Automatic morphing photography booth
6,227,790 Amusement ride vehicle with wheelchair ramp
6,227,121 Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
6,227,120 Simulated dragster ride
6,224,387 Pictorial tour process and applications thereof
6,220,965 Amusement system
6,220,171 Amusement ride
6,210,285 Beach sling-jump amusement device
6,176,788 Track-mounted ride powered by compressed gas
6,162,127 Amusement park with rides conveying park-goers in their own motor vehicles
6,155,176 Racing amusement ride
6,152,447 Amusement machine including a game of chance in combination with a crane game operable in response to a win on the game of chance
6,149,528 Amusement ride vehicle folding seat
6,145,442 Submarine amusement ride
6,126,550 Method and apparatus for a tilting free-fall amusement ride
6,105,507 Ride attraction vehicle bumper system
6,098,549 Modularized amusement ride and training simulation device
6,095,927 Water maze
6,095,926 Amusement ride vehicle
6,083,111 Method for a tilting free-fall and accelerating amusement ride
6,074,307 Set transformation effect
6,074,306 Amusement park vehicle for the physically disabled
6,062,350 Braking system for an amusement device
6,060,847 Interactive amusement ride
6,059,487 Vehicle barrier system
6,053,576 Bank of seats for amusement ride
6,041,738 Fish pond methods and systems
6,024,647 Amusement ride vehicle with motion controlled seating
5,996,568 Process for propelling foodstuffs or the like into a crowd
5,989,127 Oscillating boom amusement ride
5,989,126 Water raft amusement ride including a device for spinning a circular water raft
5,967,051 Vehicle human amusement ride track with centering arrangement
5,964,666 Falling amusement ride
5,957,779 Tower
5,957,778 Tower ride
5,897,220 Automatic photograph booth for forming sketches
5,853,331 Amusement ride
5,851,154 Perfected amusement ride
5,842,928 Amusement park swing ride
5,827,124 Rocking boom amusement ride
5,827,123 Carousel for carnivals and amusement parks
5,813,350 Amusement ride with track
5,810,671 Amusement ride system
5,791,998 Amusement ride featuring a number of cars
5,791,254 Full range of motion roller coaster
5,751,885 Centralized video system
5,732,635 Amusement power-cable-propelled and channel-guided boat ride structure
5,696,995 Automatic photography booth
5,688,178 Amusement ride
5,653,065 Method for promoting social intercourse
5,629,595 Method for an amusement ride with an interactive guided vehicle
5,628,690 Amusement ride with at least one longitudinal guide with a passenger vehicle capable of changes in height
5,623,878 Dynamic ride vehicle
5,613,443 Amusement ride for traveling down a water chute with reduced splash
5,564,983 Tower ride
5,564,859 Method and apparatus for improving sheet flow water rides
5,527,221 Amusement ride car system with multiple axis rotation
5,453,053 Amusement ride having spinning passenger cars
5,449,130 Hot air balloon amusement ride
5,443,260 Virtual reality baseball training and amusement system
5,433,671 Water amusement ride
5,433,153 Amusement track ride system with helical spinning section having locking restraints and enhanced passenger view
5,423,574 Child loss prevention system and method of use
5,421,783 Human slingshot machine
5,320,362 Computer controlled amusement structure
5,319,897 Amusement park ride
5,277,662 System and method of providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride having pivotable bridges
5,272,984 Amusement ride of the roller coaster type
5,121,505 Tourist map construction in combination with an article of clothing
5,115,744 Extreme "G" accelerator amusement ride
5,114,154 Scorable shooting gallery amusement ridge with simulated laser weapons at multiple sitations
5,098,222 Wave generator
5,046,720 Ceiling-suspended walking maze
5,033,392 Apparatus for loading and unloading passengers from watercraft
5,021,954 System for providing passenger ingress and egress in an amusement ride
5,011,161 Water amusement game
4,973,042 Tower amusement ride
4,966,391 Impact-absorbing amusement vehicle
4,960,275 Water immersion amusement apparatus
4,920,890 Amusement ride
4,903,959 Horizontal ferris wheel
4,831,937 Amusement ride device
4,830,381 Simulated laser weapon and amusement application therefore
4,805,897 Water slide systems
4,724,771 Closed-loop amusement ride system
4,643,416 Amusement ride vehicle
4,576,373 Aerial amusement ride
4,543,886 Amusement ride including a rotating loading terminal
4,513,960 Undulating amusement ride apparatus
4,512,257 Carousel and train for amusement parks
4,402,500 Amusement device for simulating weightlessness
4,339,121 Orbital amusement-park ride
4,270,458 Overhead track assembly for amusement-park ride
4,165,695 Amusement ride with vertical track loop
4,066,256 Amusement ride
4,036,489 Swing
4,032,138 Adjustable position counterweight assembly for amusement ride
4,029,019 Track for vehicles
3,999,751 Balloon carrousel
3,993,304 Amusement ride apparatus
3,949,679 Amusement ride
3,945,659 Convertible trailer vehicle and amusement ride
3,930,450 Boat ride for amusement park
3,908,554 Self-propelled amusement-park rail vehicle
3,840,225 Amusement park ride
3,827,387 Boat construction for amusement park use
3,701,528 Method for simulating the reduction of gravity
3,064,976 Target device for amusement parks
2,563,075 Brake system for amusement park rides
1,885,206 Passenger car for amusement parks
1,590,934 Vehicle for amusement parks
1,429,457 Amusement-park device
1,426,418 Amusement-park device
AU8819898 Techniques and apparatus for entertainment sites, amusement parks and other information and/or entertainment dispensing sites
AU5448599 Amusement park with passenger vehicle carrying rides
AU5130898 Closed watercraft for transporting people in amusement parks, and associated travel path
AU2811102 Superstructure for entertainment installations or amusement parks
AU2535300 Facility for providing underwater entertainment in an underwater amusement park
AU2086401 Method and system for operating an amusement park
AU1668201 Use guide system for amusement park facilities
AU6894000 Amusement park water lock system and method of use
CA2340009 Amusement park with passenger vehicle carrying rides
CN1337553 Underground sightseeing amusement park
CN1322692 Luminous and burnished colourful blend brick and its production process
CN1315880T Amusement park with passenger vehicle carrying rides
CN1225844 Body-building amusement horse
CN1201745 Floating overhead game garden
CN1161527 Laser musical instrument
CN1153700 Damping plastics floor for outdoor use
CN1130233 High efficient water-proof insulation flat roof and its technology
CN1094327 Special fairy tale amusement park and amusing method
DE19903119 Underwater amusement park has platforms with supports for superstructures forming artificial islands
DE19745777 Runner-roller for vehicle with roller element in holder, e.g. auto-scooter in amusement park
DE19612913 Whirlpool course for boat ride at amusement park
DE10017991 Internet photographs for passenger on wild water ride or similar downloading or ordering photograph or video using the internet
DE4337909 Ride having at least one passenger gondola suspended in a swinging manner
DE4137913 Road track which interacts with car tyres for sound effects - has cross-track grooves in road surface shaped to produce sound effects when
DE3517819 Method for wireless transmission of audio information
DE3336563 Articulated vehicle
EP1245459 Safety device for a fairground attraction
EP1207949 Passenger carrier for amusement parks
EP1201280 Installation for amusement park, known as roller-coaster
EP1197893 User guide system for amusement park facilities
EP1138359 Launching system for passenger units in equipments for amusement parks, such as roller-coasters or the like
EP1112112 Amusement park with passenger vehicle carrying rides
EP1020213 Installation for amusement park, known as roller coaster
EP1020212 Installation for amusement park
EP0795835 Schedule setting and processing system
EP0778060 Roundabout for fairground and amusement park
EP0667798 Amusement park attraction
EP0640938 Personalized image recording system
EP0537734 Amusement-park machine for muscular strength tests
EP0159555 Annular bumper on a vehicle, in particular amusement park vehicles such as dodgem cars
EP0159052 Spherical transport vehicle, in particular for transporting persons in amusement parks
EP0102376 A method of supervising the admission control to dancing halls
FR2805895 Customers tracking system in an amusement park comprises customer identification device which is recognized by a sensor in each area
FR2670127 Game device intended to simulate a horse race or a ride with shots at a target
FR2669837 Additional game device for fairground or amusement park vehicles
FR2635467 Merry-go-round with two parallel rotors whose peripheral pods (baskets) describe helico-toric trajectories
FR2631145 Portable information card
GB2228123 Reservation systems
GB1354213 Amusement park or playground equipment for children
GB1135505 Toy amusement park
GB874155 Improvements in electrically driven vehicles for amusement parks
GB806843 A game apparatus for use on fair grounds, amusement parks and other places
GB523943 Amusement flying machine apparatus for use by children or in amusement parks
GB343541 Supplying current to electrically driven boats for amusement parks
IT1259157 Machine for amusement parks for skill tests
IT1258046 Tagada type roundabout
IT1244094 Carriage for trains in amusement parks
IT1241793 Game for amusement park, with device for launching balls and surface for the distribution of the same along a perimeter of play
IT1241792 Device for automatically and rapidly counting the falling balls caught in the volcano game found in amusement parks
JP2002044008 Orientation system of amusement park
JP2000202167 Amusement park equipment
JP11298479 Operation management control system in amusement theme park or the like
JP11225151 Amusement park video box system
JP10201959 Circulating device for festival and amusement park
JP10015253 Vehicle for amusement park
JP7185138 Elevating play unit for amusement park
JP6149816 Application control system for facilities in amusement park or the like
JP4141795 Automatic check device for vehicle utilization card at skiing ground and at amusement park
JP61067078 Experimental earth quake rocker for amusement park and disaster prevention jointly
JP61175197 Movable amusement park
KR2001088576 Aquatic amusement park
KR2000050009 Booking system for fair use of equipments in amusement parks
NL9301735 Events attraction known as: space shuttle
NZ183597 Amusement park electric monorail system