Patent Number    Patent Title
6,275,201 Advertisement system for an airport facility
6,161,319 Rotatable and illuminated display device
6,154,994 Portable illuminated sign
6,148,554 Device for accommodating a planiform advertising carrier
6,148,553 Advertising piece arranged for attachment to a portable dispenser
6,148,552 Device for rotatably displaying advertising material
6,145,230 Removable advertising display for pickup trucks
6,142,415 Aerostatic lighting device
6,129,291 Advertising device for use with a drinking fountain
6,128,842 Advertising display panel
6,126,112 Advertising placard
6,123,031 Advertising table with replaceable insert feature
6,122,850 Mobile billboard system
6,101,751 Advertising subdtrate flush mountable to trucks
6,076,791 Device for placing of information/advertising with a bracket on the handle of a shopping trolley
6,041,535 Flexible sign retention and tensioning frame assembly
6,041,533 Advertising step systems
6,041,532 Advertisement carrier
6,038,800 Advertising display device
6,036,250 Trailer for reducing boundry layer normal-pressure drag
6,024,278 Mailable advertising materials
6,023,871 Advertising attachment for in-store scanning plate
6,021,593 Outdoor advertising sign
5,870,856 Flower container with selectable presentation inserts
CN2441204U Rotary neon advertisement on water
CN2323445U Intelligent controller for neon advertising screen
CN2101927U Parallel type neon lamp advertisement device
IE14342L Neon advertising signs
CN1230741 Mid air neon advertisement scheme
CN1122034 Underground advertisement
HU9901466 Display device, especially a gift or advertising poster, to arouse attention
TW435779Y Adjustable advertisement poster-stand on refueling machine