Patent Number    Patent Title
6,415,306 Method for selecting next feature for placement on a page
6,338,043 Method for developing a package of media advertising spots
6,311,142 Methods for designing pop-up cards
6,293,284 Virtual makeover
6,286,005 Method for analyzing data and advertising optimization
6,184,895 Method for using color information to create special effects
6,167,382 Design and production of print advertising and commercial display materials over the Internet
6,021,412 Method for adding graphics to a document to illustrate concepts referred to therein
5,991,734 Method of measuring the creative value in communications
5,953,733 Electronic publishing system
5,903,635 Advertising effectiveness rating system
5,649,220 System and method for artwork design and production
5,634,021 Generating design images based on user design inputs
5,535,320 Method of generating a visual design
5,509,966 Graphic arts material extrusion device
5,499,366 Generating design images based on user design inputs
5,478,120 Method of making a publication
5,436,830 Metaphor elicitation method and apparatus
5,238,345 Method of making a publication
4,972,329 System for creating images, in particular dummies for printing advertising documents such as wrappers, labels or the like
4,805,327 TV commercial story board
4,289,405 Color monitoring system for use in creating colored displays
20020087352 The ad machine
AU6692896 Interactive poster decorating system
KR9513719 Process for the preparation of decorative design for furniture